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Karaikal Properties We are doing a successful business career in Karaikal from 2010 onwards in the name of MIRACLE ENTERPRISES . It consists of Air Conditioners & Refrigeration services , Installation of Inverters & Batteries . Under this for the further improvement recently , we established Miracle Internet Marketing . On this Website Address . By daily basis we updating articles about politicians , entrepreneurs , professionals etc…, publishing yellow pages , e-invitation, all kinds of Advertisements. Now we provide a new website From this , those who need Flat , Plot and Apartments for the purpose of buy , sale , rental and lease. We will do utmost preference to all .

The contract mediator undertakes to perform in particular the following:

Trying to find and bring to the ordering party to concluding mediated business,

Inform Principal of the average market price of similar property,

Perform access to documents proving ownership or other real rights over the property and alert the customer to possible disadvantages and potential risks related to the disordered state of the land property, Property rights or other rights of third parties in the property, Legal consequences of failure to meet obligations to third parties, Disadvantages of building and operating permit pursuant to a separate law, Circumstances obligation to apply pre-emption rights and restrictions in the legal system in accordance with special regulations

To do necessary actions for presentation (presentation) real estate market, advertise the property appropriately and perform all other actions agreed upon in the real estate brokerage that exceed the usual presentation, and you are entitled to special, pre-denominated costs,

Perform inspection of property

To meditate in the negotiations and try to reach the conclusion of the contract, if it so specifically pledged

Keep Principal’s personal information and the written order of a customer as a business secret information about the property for which mediates or in relation to this property or business for which mediate

If is the subject of the contract land, check use the land in accordance with the regulations on spatial planning related to the land

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